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to learn through imaginative play with masterkidz

PT Master Kidz Indonesia showroom is open for public every Saturday. Please drop a message to our contact person for more information.

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Masterkidz First Play Zone in Angkasa Pura Airport Semarang City Indonesia.

Masterkidz, a leading provider of fun and educational toys, is excited to announce the opening of our very first Airport Play Zoom in Indonesia at Angkasa Pura Airports Semarang City in March 2023.

Today, we have the opening for our factory showroom in Masterkidz Indonesia plant.

Attended by Indonesian Minister of economic Affairs - DR (HC) Ir. Airlangga Hartarto, MBA, MMT., Industrial Minister - DR Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, M.Si., and Regent Of Kendal - H. Dico Ganinduto B. Sc. July 25, 2022
Introducing a new concept in STEM learning

Introducing a new concept in STEM learning

Masterkidz Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM – is often considered to be one of the most difficult subject areas to teach to young learners. To encourage the best STEM learning, children…
<strong>Educational benefits of the STEM Wall System</strong>

Educational benefits of the STEM Wall System

Masterkidz A STEM Wall covering an entire classroom wall !​ In a world where the computer and the internet can create a near perfect virtual world, children are often confined to watching a…
What is Montessori Classroom? 

What is Montessori Classroom? 

Masterkidz What’s make it different? Core of this system are to let the child become the center of the learning process What is Montessori Classroom? What’s make it different? The classroom provides the…

Subrabaya Airport for Masterkidz Playzone

Masterkidz Subrabaya Airport for Masterkidz Playzone We’ve thrilled to announce the completion of Kids Zone in Juanda International Airport- Surabaya, West Java. Handing over the

2022 New The Masterkidz STEM Table

Masterkidz 2022 NEW THE MASTERKIDZ STEM TABLE STEM tables are available in two sizes – large and small. These are perfect for toddlers standing or

Masterkidz Soccer Team

Masterkidz We Are Stronger Together! Each team understands that winning touchdowns don’t magically happen on the field. One of our staff shared his opinion, that

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