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Introducing a new concept in STEM learning

Introducing a new concept in STEM learning

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM – is often considered to be one of the most difficult subject areas to teach to young learners. To encourage the best STEM learning, children should be thinking creatively, using components, constructing models, discussing their ideas and making improvements.

Human imagination is at its peak when we are young, and good STEM taps into this abundant resource, feeding the brain with exciting hands-on challenges to solve. Given the right stimulus and equipment, young children’s enthusiasm explodes, driven by their imagination to create wonderous solutions. Using appropriate equipment that youngsters can manipulate into solutions of their own design, given their limited fine motor skills, has always been an issue. And managing all this creative lively enthusiasm in the classroom is another huge challenge facing the teacher.

To achieve success, children need a range of different elements that they can manipulate and connect with ease to provide endless opportunities and progression through a range of STEM activities. The Masterkidz STEM Wall, STEM Trolley and STEM Table provide the solution.

Starting with press on Building Blocks children can make pictures and create endless aesthetic designs. Using STEM Matrix boards, they can build a range of exciting solutions with working components such as nuts and bolts, gears, pulleys, cams, drive systems, water chutes, ball runs, that can be assembled separately or interconnected and combined. Children can use tools that work, reflecting the real-world – such as spanners, screw drivers and power tools too.  

The Masterkidz® STEM Wall

The STEM Wall system is based around a ‘matrix tile’, a plastic panel populated with 64 precise holes in a lattice pattern into which pegs can be pushed or bolts screwed, to hold a huge array of educational learning elements.

A STEM Wall made from Matrix tiles with water chute system

Single STEM Matrix tile

Components held in place with screw-in bolts