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Educational benefits of the STEM Wall System

A STEM Wall covering an entire classroom wall !​

In a world where the computer and the internet can create a near perfect virtual world, children are often confined to watching a screen-view of the world rather than getting their hands on real components and systems.

We know that ‘experiential learning’ provides the greatest route to the understanding of how things work, yet the opportunities for real hands-on STEM are often limited. When children are young, learning through play is essential to their development and understanding of the world.

In a world entirely dependent upon technology, we need to:

  1. expose children to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  2. promote their better understanding through hands-on learning
  3. tap into their natural enthusiasm, imagination and curiosity
  4. inspire the engineers of tomorrow.

When children are making, building, creating, designing, and refining their ideas, they are:

  • being creative
  • gaining a real understanding about the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through ‘doing’
  • problem solving
  • using decision making and critical thinking skills
  • developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and dexterity
  • learning about how things work
  • learning the vocabulary of STEM
  • gaining a greater understanding of technology – the names of components, how individual pieces fix together and can work to form systems and machines
  • communicating their thoughts and ideas to their peers
  • converting imaginative thoughts into real working solutions
  • developing an understanding of components, machines, and systems
  • developing their understanding and thoughts about what is possible
  • developing their imagination and curiosity
  • gaining a greater understanding about the scientific world and how things work
  • gaining a greater understanding of mathematical concepts such as pattern making, symmetry, number, ratio, and logic etc.
  • increasing their self-confidence through expression and doing
  • having fun when working in a practical problem-solving way!