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EVERY SATURDAY​ -Open Play Day for Public


Not only to come and play, but we hope the kids can get new experiences with us.

Not only to come and play, but we hope the kids can get new experiences with us.

With the support of the local goverment and the teachers, we can arrange this continuous event. We get a change to play and explore together with the kids every Saturday. In the other side, the kids from the playgroup and kindergarten also can go outside the class room – enjoy the different fun day as their part of their learning.

There are some questions, “is it free?”, “can I bring my kids there?” The event is free, we are open the playground for public every saturday, and sure you can bring the kids to come and play. Just drop us a message through Masterkidz’s social media (LinkedIn or instagram), and our team will be very happy to assist you.

“The classroom provides the area for kids, with real functions, that we can see or use in the daily life. It let the kids to observe and get the on-hand experience to boost their life skill and creativity.”


“Every materials in montessori classroom are carefully planned – with different approach and lesson – that can meet the children needs.”


“Interesting and fun. I could tell my kids had a lot of fun in Masterkidz playground. It’s nice to see the kids can develop their interest and learn with fun. They always ask to stay a little bit longer, and I have no worries because I see that all of the equipment and toys are well arranged and designed for children safety.”


“As a parents, I think the Montessori approach are really good to let kids develop the life skill based on their interest and respecting their capabilities. From the playing and learning session in Masterkidz Montessori classroom, I see that my kids gained more confidence to explore and interact with people.”

-Yuly Ismawati